Coco Chanel Wedding Dress


Coco Chanel Wedding Dress. This is what got me considering the history of the short bridal gown a bit. It seems as if the actual short dress has always been a little bit of the maverick of bridal gowns, worn by individualistic, non-conformist women. The gamut varies from casual, playful in order to couture chic, and even quickly to be seen ultra glamorous!

Sensation sexy is rather like joy. It is a state of mind and a good attitude. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t worth learning several tips for making the most of your necklaces on your wedding day. To quotation the great Coco Chanel once again, “Simplicity is the keynote of most true elegance”. Just a few artistic brushstrokes and the right wedding gown will be enough to bring out the sexy bridal side.

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